Garden & Home Essentials

Whether you're new to the joy of gardening, or you've been cultivating your outdoor skills for some time now, it's important to remember that the right tools make all the difference in growing magnificent plants and flowers. At Plant Theatre we offer a wide selection of garden and home essentials to make your garden experience easier and more successful than ever. Whether you're looking for tools that can help you prune and protect your favourite flowers, or accessories that can help your green fingers thrive, we have you covered. We know that a true love of gardening doesn't stop the moment you step away from the flowers and greenery. That's why our home and garden essentials include accessories for the indoors too. Our selection will help you to relax after a long day weeding, help you plan for an impressive barbeque with friends, and even allow you to make the most out of the herbs and spices you harvest. From tools to help you plant new seedlings, to indoor sets that allow you to make the most of your love affair with the natural world, start exploring our selection today.