Garden Essentials: Kitchen

Any garden enthusiast will tell you that the only thing better than growing plants and herbs in their own garden, is being able to use those things within the comfort of their home or kitchen. Because we understand the joy of being, able to make the most of your garden experience, Plant Theatre offer a collection of home essentials that allow you to bring the outdoors, indoors. Fill your home with the fragrance of fresh fruits with our set of wonderful scented candles, or bring the joy of your flowers into all of the rooms of your home with our floral scents. If you like to grow herbs and spices that you can use in your own kitchen, our accessories allow you to make the most of that skill, with herb cutting scissors ideal for maximizing your exploration into flower, and spice and herb prep kits for getting the most out of your plants. Gardening is a hobby that thrives on love and passion, and we want to encourage you to bring those feelings with you from your garden haven, into your home - whether it's through freshly prepared meals, or the sweet scent of burning candles.