Everyone loves a garden that encourages visitors, and we at Plant Theatre want to make it as easy as possible for you to attract visitors of all different shapes and sizes to your very own slice of paradise. Our collection of wildlife accessories and furniture are the perfect solution for gardeners who want to provide food, habitats, and accessories to a wide range of beautiful birds, animals, and even helpful insects. Explore our collection and create an authentic haven for animals and insects in your garden, to help facilitate the growth of your plants, and make your outdoor living area more magical than ever. Whether you want to encourage the long life of bees that help to pollinate flowers and deliver delicious honey with our impressive bee hotels and flower seeds, or help ladybirds with friendly plants and lodges, we have solutions for every garden. For the avid bird watcher, our bird nest box is bound to get your winged friends singing, whereas butterflies can settle in at our butterfly B&B to grow, thrive, and deliver a burst of living colour to your garden. Support the life around you and support your garden paradise with our collection of accessories, garden and home essentials, and seed kits.